Quality Work is as Important as a Quality Product

transmission repair

At Myers Automotive, Inc in Granbury, TX, we pride ourselves on specialty knowledge and ability. Once you’ve settled on a transmission to invest in, it’s important not to cut corners on the homestretch. We’ve got you covered here and you can expect top quality repairs for your top quality product.

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How Do I Fix My Manual Transmission Problem?

mechanic working on car

Manual transmissions are generally more reliable than automatic transmissions. They don’t have as many parts, aren’t as complex, and can take a lot more abuse. However, if an issue is allowed to persist, more and more damage to surrounding components on your manual transmission will occur. Myers Automotive, Inc in Granbury, TX can help you take care of your car as soon as you notice a problem.

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To Our Veterans, We Thank You

American Flag with Combat Boots

We just want to take some time to honor and recognize those who have served in our nation's armed forces. At Myers Automotive, Inc in Granbury we commemorate your bravery today and every day. 

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